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Our School - Rules & Regulations

Our School

Rules & Policies of Ascot Primary


Students are expected to speak properly and to be courteous at all times
Students are expected to speak in hush tones, no shouting across the corridor/classrooms
Curse words and indecent gestures should not be used on the school compound

Uniform Regulations:

  • Children must be properly attired at all times for school and adhere to the following

  • Crest MUST be worn every day.

  • The proper Physical education gear must be worn on P.E day. No child is to wear a tunic with a P.E. blouse to school.

  • All boys must wear black socks, black shoes and black/brown belt to school except on P.E. days.

  • All girls must wear black shoes and purple socks to school.

  • Hair accessories must be black, purple or lilac. On P.E. days, girls are not allowed to wear hair accessories to match the color of their houses.

  • Braids are not allowed for students in school, except with a medical certificate.

  • Patters nor ponytail are allowed for boys.

  • If there is an emergency (children are unable to wear uniform/school shoes) a letter MUST be presented to the teacher.

  • For P.E. all students should be in their correct gear, white, purple or black socks and PLAIN white or black sneakers. NO multicolored sneakers or socks are allowed for P.E.

If a child is ill he/she is not expected to be at school.

Dress Code - Parent and Visitors:
Wearing of merinos, spaghetti straps, belly skin blouse, hair curlers, tights, short miniskirts, are not permitted on school compound.

Disciplinary System

Sanctions - Supentions:
Suspensions can only be given by the Principal or be recommended by the Vice principals. Suspensions are given for infringements of the rules, such as:

  • Stabbing (pencil, pen, knife, sharpener etc.) (3 days)

  • Damage to students or teachers’ property (5 days)

  • Leaving compound without permission (2 days)

  • Disrespectful behavior to staff members (5 days)

  • Carrying of weapons to school (5 days)

  • Wearing of braids/extensions (2 days)

  • Tight pants (1 day)

  • Pattern in hair/creaming of hair/coloring of hair for boys (1 day)

  • Possession of drugs (5 days)

  • Stealing (5 days)

  • Threat to students and staff (2 days)

  • Use of alcohol (3 days)

  • Fighting in school (3 days)

  • Inappropriate behavior while in school uniform ( 2 days)

Late and Irregular attendance:
School begins at 7:45 and dismisses at 2:00 p.m. for grades 1 – 5.  However for Grade six students, classes begin at 7:00 a.m.  (Students should not be late for classes).  If they are late for three consecutive days students will be given a letter to take home to their parents.  Parents will be asked to visit the school to discuss the matter with the principal or vice-principals.

Violence in school:
No weapon of any form should be taken to school.  Any child who causes injury to another intentionally is held liable and the parent/guardian will be held responsible for any expense incurred.

Dishonesty: The school’s administrators and teachers view this behavior with disfavor.  As such students who found to be constantly dishonest are liable to be suspended for a period not extending three days.

Library:  Students are not expected to take books from the library without the knowledge of the librarian.  Books borrowed should be returned in the time stipulated.  After this date the child is expected to pay a late fee.

Care of the bathrooms:  There should be no playing in the bathrooms.  Students are expected to desist from defacing the walls and furniture.  Students who are found defacing the walls or destroying furniture will be charged a fine to effect repairs.

- Failure to wear crest
- Frequent incompletion of work
- Failure to do homework
- Inappropriate attire for classes
- Frequent lateness for school
- Use of expletives
- Possession of pornographic material
- Marking on the walls( parents will be asked to repaint area)
- Truancy

- Serious bodily harm to students and staff
- Possession of gun/bomb etc.

- Honesty
- Punctuality
- Constant completion of homework/classwork
- Outstanding academic performance
- Attire
- Courtesy and helpfulness
- Significant improvement in academic and behavior

- Running on the corridors
- Rags around neck
- Frequent disruptive behavior in class
- Frequent chewing of gum
- Littering classroom and school compound
- Eating in class without permission
- Use cell phone during class time
- Use rubber band and handkerchief as weapon
- Refusal to  do work in class

Expectations of parents:
- Students who are absent should return to school with a letter or a Medical Certificate.
- Parents are expected to obey the school’s rules
- Parents are expected to monitor their children’s work and sign the home work.
- Parents should ensure that their child/children are provided with the necessary tools for learning.
- Parents must attend Grade Meetings as well as PTA Meetings
- Parents must ensure that their child/children are properly attired for school every day.
- It is expected that parents observe the designated days when the Principal meets with parents.
- It is important that parents send their children to school every day.  In case of an emergency communicate the same to the school.
- Parents wishing to see teacher during school time must complete an appointment form.

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